Della Rosa: A symphony of heritage and innovation in New Farm

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3 weeks ago
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In the heart of Brisbane's New Farm, a luxurious addition to its urban fabric is set to make its mark. Della Rosa, brought to life by cousins and property developers Joseph and Frank Licastro, adds a unique blend of heritage-infused luxury to New Farm's thriving property landscape.

Growing up frequenting their Nonno’s homes in New Farm, the Licastro cousins' affection for the inner-city suburb is rooted in their fondest childhood memories. Speaking about this envisioned transcendence, Joe Licastro stated, “For us, this project is not merely about development; it’s about honouring our heritage, embracing innovation, and fostering a sense of belonging within the New Farm community.”

Della Rosa, a term derived from the Italian 'of the rose', serves as a tribute to the late Rosa Oxlade, a former neighbour. Oxlade Drive, a local well-known street, was named after Rosa. The project presented by Frank Developments and Signature Property Partners reflects an exquisite blend of high-end finishes and sophisticated design. Within the heart of New Farm, the property comprises 12 limited edition apartments aimed at the luxury-seeking demographic.

The project architects from BYculprit ventured into this design project intending to incorporate those traditional elements integral to the unique charm of the suburb.


"The design team sought to capture the charm of 'Yesterday' while seamlessly integrating the conveniences of today," said BYculprit’s Design Director, Luke Henderson.

"The project is a harmonious blend of nostalgia and modernity aiming to create spaces that are both timeless and cutting-edge.”

“Our roots run deep in New Farm, and we are committed to crafting a landmark destination that pays homage to our past while embracing the future and being true to the suburb we live in," said Frank Licastro, echoing the ethos of the community-centric sentiment.

Among the project's unique features are a rooftop pool and wellness facilities, expansive landscaping featuring vast greenery, and a commitment to sustainable urban development. The residences ooze superior craftsmanship accentuated by unobstructed views of Brisbane City, offering tranquil river scenery and vibrant city lights.


Each residence comes complete with 3m high ceilings, generous and customisable living spaces, green deep planting and terrace spaces, and balconies filled with expansive vegetation, all within walking distance to shopping precincts and New Farm Park. Additionally, residents will enjoy access to the Brisbane City ferry.

The dedicated Licastro cousins aim to preserve New Farm's unique charm while contributing to community growth through their visionary property development project. Through Della Rosa, they offer an exclusive oasis in the heart of Brisbane, leaving a lasting footprint of uncompromised boutique apartment living in the bustling suburb of New Farm.

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